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Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras

Thermal Imaging Systems when used correctly -- have been shown to accurately measure someone’s surface skin temperature without being physically close to the person being evaluated (CDC)

Sentinel SECU165K  Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera & Temperature Detector Sentinel SECU165K  Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera & Temperature Detector
Brand: SecuMind Systems Model: SECU-IRI
The Bison Sentinel 165K Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is a high-precision temperature scanner. It detects elevated body temperature that may indicate fever and underlying infection. This skin temperature measurement device can be used for the for mass-screening of individuals in high-pedestrian lo..
Brand: SecuMind Systems Model: SECU950T
The SECU950T infrared thermal imaging system is a contactless temperature screening device that processes individuals for authentication and high fever-- in public areas such as airports,  and other high traffic areas:Infrared Thermal Sensors: Fast, high-accuracy infrared temperature measuremen..
Brand: SecuMind Systems Model: SECU980T PRO
SECU980T Pro Multi Person AI Face Recognition Temperature Screening Terminal..
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