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Medical Supplies Equipment

Medical supplies equipment and health gear along with PPE are used by health care personnel to protect themselves, patients, and others they care for -- from contagions and getting sick. Contagions may stem from infectious patients, organisms and substances, toxic medications, and pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and germs. The incidence of contagion is higher in close quarters and where hygiene and sanitation are poor. You can lower the risks of becoming ill. The key is to have  access to the right medical supplies equipment and health  gear including tools like thermal imagers and thermometers and oximeters,
Brand: Sandia SIMS Model: PPE-SC100A
Non-contact, infrared, digital thermometer with alarm for children and adult high-temperature detection. Easily screen your customers, employees, and others for fever: Infrared no-touch fever detection handheld temperature screening systemTemperature recordings made via the foreheadCE FDA: Clas..
Sentinel SECU165K  Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera & Temperature Detector Sentinel SECU165K  Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera & Temperature Detector
Brand: SecuMind Systems Model: SECU-IRI
The Bison Sentinel 165K Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is a high-precision temperature scanner. It detects elevated body temperature that may indicate fever and underlying infection. This skin temperature measurement device can be used for the for mass-screening of individuals in high-pedestrian lo..
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